LM.C was founded by Maya, a support guitarist for musician Miyavi in the support band Ishihara Gundan (Ishihara being Miyavi's real last name, Gundan means 'brigade' or 'army' in Japanese) and a guitarist in his own band, The Sinners. While still with Miyavi, Maya and other support members also played live shows as LM.C. Later they were joined by Aiji of Pierrot.
    After Maya quit Miyavi's band and Aiji's band Pierrot disbanded, LM.C made their major label debut in October 2006, releasing two singles, "Trailers (Gold)" and "Trailers (Silver)".
    As 2007 began, the group came out with a third single, "Oh My Juliet", which was the 2nd ending theme for the Red Garden anime. On March 7, they released their first EP, Glitter Loud Box.
    They released their fourth single, "Boys and Girls", in June 2007, featured as the second opening theme for the anime Reborn!
    Their fifth single, "Liar Liar/Sentimental Piggy Romance", saw an October 2007 release, while their sixth single, "Bell the Cat", was released in December of the same year.
    In 2008, LM.C released "John", in the winter, and "88", another opening theme for the Reborn! anime, in the summer. LM.C then debuted in North America, performing at Anime Expo's "Battle of the Bands" on 3 July 2008, followed by a concert at the Crash Mansion in Los Angeles, California on 5 July.
    Also in July, they performed their first hall concert at C.C. Lemon Hall in Shibuya, Japan. Tickets to the show were sold out within two minutes of its release. Closing on July, they were invited to perform at the "Formoz Festival" in Taiwan as a main act for the second consecutive year.
    In November, LM.C's first album Super Glitter Loud Box and the second album Gimmical Impact!! were simultaneously released worldwide. These two albums were also available worldwide on main music download stores on the same day.
    In March 2010, the band released the album Wonderful Wonderholic.
    In October 2010, the band released a new single called "Let Me' Crazy!!" which featured their two new songs: "Let Me' Crazy!!" and "No Fun, No Future". Both songs had a PV released for them.

    Wah, cate info de la wikipedia am pus de data asta!
    Asa, cum am dat eu de LM.C? Pai, i-am gasit intr-o revista pentru adolescenti, nu mai stiu care era revista, dar nici nu conteaza asta. Ideea e ca era pe acolo un articol despre ei si mi-au placut in primul rand pentru ca sunt japonezi. Am ajuns acasa si am descarcat ceva melodii de-ale lor si m-am indragostit de melodiile Oh my Juliet si Sentimental Piggy Romance, acestea doua fiind si singurele pe care le mai am prin PC. Cred ca voi mai descarca ceva melodii, totusi, cat de curand. Tineti-mi pumnii ca eu ma misc cam greu.
    Imi place stilul lor si vocea lui Maya este foarte buna dupa parerea mea. Dunno, mie chiar imi plac si ii recomand.
    P.S.: Nu va speriati de blogul meu foarte verde.


  1. Cute songs! Imi place noua schimbare atat de verde <3 and the cherry tree.

  2. Glad that you like it. The songs and the green. xD

    Da, ciresul imi place si mie mult! :x

    >:D< :*:*:*