Minami Haruka

Today I want to give you some infos from mangaupdates about my favourite mangaka, Minami Haruka.
Associated Names
MINAMI Kazuka 

Name (in native language)

Birth Place
Fukushima, Japan

Doujinshi circle: MECCA
Also Writes Under the Pseudonym: Kazuka Minami
(There seems to be no apparent reason for why she uses a second pen name however.)

One of the most well-known yaoi artists. And also one of the most "infamous".

Did the illustratrations for the PS2 Boys' Love game, Kohitsuji Hokaku Keikaku, which is based after her manga of the same name.

First fell in love with the yaoi genre through her favorite childhood mangaka, OZAKI Minami, which Haruka Minami has made a few doujinshi based after Minami Ozaki's Zetsuai series.

Yaoi; Doujinshi; Smut; School Life; Romance; Comedy; Drama; Shotacon; Yuri; Shounen Ai; Mature; Slice of Life; Adult; Shoujo Ai.

I just love this mangaka, her works are simply awesome and I've read pretty much mangas from her. My favourites are Saihate no Kimi e, Junk Boys and Strip. Her mangas are so cute, the plot always succeeds to catch me and the graphic is very good. Also, she is the first and the only mangaka that caught my attention, I just fell in love with her mangas and I looked for more.

I usually read only yaoi, but I think that I might try to read some other genres, mangas written by Minami Haruka, ofc. I am kinda sure that I'll like even yuri if I read some of hers. Or maybe not. Well, I'll let you know if I like it or not. If I read some.

I recommend Minami Haruka's mangas and I hope that you'll like them. Enjoy, guys!


  1. I do like yaoi, and some of Minami Haruka's work (btw, nowadays I think I have an obsession with the Haruka name - maybe from the Tactics anime dunno ) but I sometimes find it frustrating that all her characters look alike. She's not the only one doing so (even the mangaka for Junjou added own traits to define her characters, also Ayano Yamane, who's my favourite mangaka ever!) but hers sometimes stand out. :)) I can't figure out if in a good way, or a bad way.

  2. Yeah, I've noticed that the characters are alike, but it doesn't bothers me. :-?? They're cute. xD
    Maybe that's the reason why I noticed her. :-?? Anyway... I think I should also try more from Ayano too... I know that you like her (?) and I think that I should look for some mangas. xD Specially now. I haven't read mangas so often lately. T_T

  3. You should! Her characters are to drool for! ;) Hugs!