Sharing stuff?

    Okay, voiam sa mai postez ceva pe aici, dar nici o idee si aseara mi-a sugerat Teh sa ii iau leapsa de pe blog. Ceea ce am si facut. So, here it is!

1. Tell me a thing you'd love to do right now.
To hug and to kiss someone.

2. Last book you've read?
A trecut ceva timp... Vechiul oras imperial de Yasunari Kawabata. Yup, asta cred ca a fost ultima.

3. Last movie you've seen?
Si la asta a trecut ceva... S-ar putea ca ultimul film vazut sa fie Alone, dar nu sunt foarte sigura.

4. What are you listening to in this moment?
 Nickelback - Gotta Be Somebody

5. Tell a nice thing.
Fluuuufffyyyy! (what? it's nice)

6. Tell me a lie.
I hate you!

7. One thing about you.
I like roses.

8. Red nails and high heels?
Okay... I guess.

9. Currently reading?
Orbitor de Mircea Cartarescu. Am citit foarte putin deocamdata.

10.  Tell me a joke.
Doua clatite fugeau. Uneia i-a cazut gemul.

11.  A friend you'd care to see right now?
There are more than one.

12.  First quote that bumps in your mind. No cheating, don't use Google.
Dragostea nu e un sentiment absolut necesar. (Yuki Eiri - Gravitation)
If you want to do something right, do it yourself. (unknown? oarecum Death Note?)

13.  Name 3 cartoons you've love when you were a little kid.
Powerpuff Girls, Tom and Jerry and... X-men.

14. Name 2 things you would never get enough of.
Hmm... laughing and yaoi... and music... Okay, there are three and I could add some more.

15. So think you're the only person left on Earth and there is this guy who you can't stand. What do you do? Is just the two of you and no one else!
I'll probably try to have a nice conversation with that person and, who knows... Don't Worry Mama!?

    Mai departe ia leapsa cine vrea.
                    P.S.: Leapsa asta am scris-o seara.


  1. Două clătite fugeau prin deşert. Uneia i-a căzut gemul.
    =))) dude, really, the thing is, that's one of the jokes between me and Raluka ( Yaku-chin ) i mean... we are pancakes dudes really.

  2. Wow! You are fast! :))

    Eu o stiu de pe un forum and I really like it. E preferata mea dintre astea seci. :))

  3. Asta cu clatitele imi amiteste de reteta de clatite japoneze care am incercat-o de la tine :* Cred ca o sa preiau si eu leapsa (dupa ce pap, ca mi-ai facut pofta) Wuvs and hugs!

  4. Bune clatite! Cred ca mai vreau. xD

    Voi fi cu ochii in patru, sa citesc daca postezi. Si pb! ^^

    Wuv you! :*:*:* >:D<

  5. :))) aia cu clatitele e foarte tare! :))
    intr-un mod bizar, glumele seci si fara sens ma amuza mai tare decat alte glume...normale.:))
    am sa preiau si eu leapsa dupa ce scriu un review la concertul lui bon jovi. de o luna tot zic ca fac asta:))

    hugs >:D<