Unimportant stuff

I should have written earlier on here, I know. I only seem to do that when I have lots of other stuff to do. I need to do some thinking, about, ya know, life. As the things are now I am bound to be a loser. I don't really want to post this, but I know that if I don't do it, things will remain exactly the same. 

I have extremely poor will power. I can't seem to will myself into doing things that I like, and that can influence my future. The last days I slept, and watched movies when an exam expects me in a few hours. Now I'm writing on my blog with all the papers around me.

I don't really want anyone to give importance to this post. I only write this for myself, to remind myself that I am an idiot, and will probably remain that way. I have no right to complain, and I will not do so.

Of course I will continue to post on my blog, because I love doing that so much (see the will power section), and in the meantime I hope to complete my little projects as well. I hoped that the small compromise I made to myself on the blog will help, but hey, it's still me. I will do my best to keep on writing for twenty one days straight. They say that if you do something for twenty one days daily, it becomes a habit, and I can't really say that I have oh that much to do that I can't take a few minutes to write. 

Well, thank you for reading this, but please don't mind me, too much at least. Hugs!


  1. Try make lists for the things you wanna do, even small things like cooking a good meal or watering flowers, taking out the trash. It's a normal thing but when you do more of this natural things, it will make you improve each time.
    Btw, I nominated you here: http://novackxaara.blogspot.ro/2014/01/liebster-award.html
    so when you have time, answer and give the award forward! Kissus!

  2. I tried making lists, but they don't seem to work. I think I need some post-its scattered around the house. I will do try making lists, and put them in visible places. Thank you for suggesting, you always have the right solutions. :3 >:D< :* :* :*

    Thank you for nominating me! :D >:D< :* :* :*