Blog Challenge #11: Write a thank you note to a thing, a beverage, food, or an inanimate object

Dear coffee,

Thank you for helping me not fall asleep during the day and for keeping my headaches away. Thank you for keeping me warm in winters, for helping me deal with whatever the day might have in store for me, and for your delightful taste.


P.S.: See you tomorrow morning. (˘▿˘)_


So yeah, my thank you note goes to coffee, the bitter liquor I am addicted to. I might follow up on this, will see. Not gonna make any promises.

I am glad I managed to complete this challenge somehow, it was pretty fun. And since I haven't said anything since quite a long time ago, I hope you guys had fun on the holidays, that the new year is treating you well, and I wish you all (and myself) a nice, warm, cold-free spring. 🏵️

Blog Challenge #10: What hopes do you have for your blog?

Due to work, and other random things I didn't get to continue this challenge. I have two more posts left of it, and I'm just now getting back. I'm sorry for the long absence. I'm not going to go into detail, so let the challenge continue.

So, what hopes do I have for my blog? Now that's something I really have to think about. What do I want to accomplish by writing on this blog? 

Firstly, I want to gain a bit more confidence when it comes to making my opinions publicly. I think this will help me grow as a person too, and I also want to learn from the reactions I get to my posts (even if there is no reaction at all). As I said here, I changed quite a lot in the past years, but there are still so many things I struggle with. Writing on this blog helps me greatly, even if I don't write that often.

Secondly, I want to assure people that everyday struggles can be overcome, that we can get better at whatever we want to do, and a fail is not the end. Heck, I failed countless times, but that didn't stop me from trying again. Life is fickle (I absolutely love this word), but also great, and giving up would be a loss on both parts. What I'm saying is basically that I want to make my readers happy, to embrace life with all its good and bad, and never give up.

As a teenager I used to look for people sharing similar experiences with mine, to see how they handled things and how I could deal with stuff happening to me. Unfortunately I found really few blogs like that, but the ones that I did find kept me glued to the screen reading everything there could be read. I want to have that kind of blog too, the kind that helped me through my teenage years and the kind that would definitely help me now too.

When it comes to life there truly isn't a cheat code, and you need work to get anywhere. Failure is something we have to learn from. That's how we become better and better, and I think it really helps to know you are not alone in all this crazy journey.

Bottom line: my hopes for this blog is for it to become a place where I can write freely about whatever and a place that may bring a smile on someone's face. ( )