Blog Challenge! II // 08. What do you do when you are feeling lost?

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I am happy to say I haven't felt lost in a long while. I think that when I typed this challenge I was feeling rather lost, hence this topic. Since this is not the case anymore, I'm going to try and remember what I did do (I'll leave out one particular episode) when I was feeling lost. 

This might become a mix  what I did and what I wish I would have done, but, well, aren't most things like that? Same as me, I'm certain you too have some things that you think about and wish you would have done something differently. But don't dwell too much on them, what's done is done. Instead let's type them out and share them so we can inspire others. 

I won't go into the seriousness of it because, really, who is to say what is serious and to what degree? Same shit affects us differently. What is serious to me is a breeze to you and vice-versa. 

But enough fussing around, let's get to it. 

I think I'm in love

Not with another person, but with the sea. Here, let me explain.

Last time I wrote about my birthday I was pretty sad and worried. I was all alone (not that I am not alone now too, but a different kind of alone), and a bit angry at the world, at how mean and cruel people are (that is still valid, sadly), but I also tried to  remind myself that not everyone is awful. 

If I think about it I actually see more funny and uplifting things on social media than bleak, dark news. 

But this is not what I want to write about now. 

Blog Challenge! II // 07. Mornings

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I have a complicated relationship with mornings. Everyone who knows me, knows I'm pretty much a night owl. I function best at night, I find it easier to concentrate, I'm basically at my peak in the evening or late at night. 

I also love sleeping in. I get the best rest in the early hours of the morning to up until just before noon. 

That being said, I am not the biggest fan of mornings, but at the same time I really like them. 

Wait, I can explain.

Marshals series by Mary Calmes

A while ago, sometime in February, I read the Marshals series by Mary Calmes, and these days I finally published all the reviews I wrote about the series on Yaoi Otaku . If you want, you can read them all on YO, if not, this post is going to basically be a summary of what I wrote on YO. I guess? It's probably going to be more like a what's it about because my hatred for spoilers inhibits me from actually letting loose. Maybe let me know if I managed to spark your interest or not.

Before I go into it, the Marshals series was first published in 2014, the fourth and last volume being published in 2018. Yes, there are four books, five if we count the short novella that I'm going to talk about in a few paragraphs, and sadly there is no news or hint of a sequel. 

If you plan on reading the series and don't like spoilers, maybe don't read the whole post, read perhaps only about the first book of the series if you are not yet convinced you want to read it. I will try not to give any spoilers, but I feel like reading about the other books might spoil the fun.