Beloved Enemy series

They don't look like that at any point in the series, but I kept seeing this image and I like it a lot.

Soooo, I watched Beloved Enemy, a 15 episode Chinese series made after a BL web novel. Light novel? Not sure, a novel of some sort. I recently joined a discord channel thinking it's BL novels focused, but instead I got BL series and I thought, why not. So off I go watching BL series. Beloved Enemy is not the first I watched, far from it, but it's the first time I, for some unknown reason, wrote down my impressions for every episode. I don't know why I did it and I had no idea what to do with it, but then I remembered I have a blog, so here I am. This post is going to be a massive spoiler. Like huge, the whole show is going to be spoiled, I am not leaving anything out. Except for the review, once I copy/paste every episode entry, it's going to be spoiler after spoiler after spoiler. Don't say I didn't warn you.  

This post is going to go like this: synopsis, perfectly innocent review, some series/novel spoilers, spoiler fest, and what I think/hope happens next. 

my reading journey

[art by Marta Milczarek]
Lately I've been reading a lot. With the lockdown going on and staying a lot at home, I've had a lot of time that I had to fill up somehow. So what better way to do that than reading? My preferred genres right now are LGBTQ+ (Romance), Mystery and Crime. I squeeze in other genres here and there (right now I'm reading a Slice-of-Life Fiction book), but those usually take more time to complete. I am, after all, taking a break from reading right now to write this while I'm only 23 pages in.

A while ago I started thinking about the books I used to read when I was little and then later in high school. I think those books helped shape my preferences for now. But let's go even further back. 

I think I always liked reading. When I was little my mum used to tell me stories at night and I still cherish those moments. If I think about it, I can feel the curiosity, the interest, and the warm comfort enveloping me in those moments. From then on, I don't remember ever not liking reading or wanting to lose myself in a made up story, being it by reading or imagining all kind of scenarios myself. 

I just nuked a bunch of my old posts

Maybe 'nuked' is a strong word, I merely reverted them to drafts. About 136 of them. That's a lot, isn't it? I have a few reasons for this. 

They are all old posts of mine. I kept wondering what was it that I didn't like about my blog, and I figured out it was those old posts. I used to be a fairly angry teenager and also still trying to find my feet on here, so a lot of those are me being angry, me talking gibberish or some very badly written reviews. Initially I thought I'd leave everything as is, but I really don't want that kind of negativity on my blog. That's the old me, I'm much more happy and comfortable with myself now so, there, I got rid of nasty reminders. 

I might or might not go through my huge list of drafts at some point and I might or might not re-write some of the posts, maybe some of the reviews. 

Louise Collins's non-series prison series

Is the title too confusing? I think it is. Let me explain. Louise Collins wrote three books where the plot takes place in different prisons. Apart from that they are not connected in any way, there are no common characters, they don't know each other, it's not even the same prison, but I can't help thinking about these books as part of a series simply because they are so similar.

The novels are, in the order they were published, The Freshman, The Psychopath, and The Rat. I first came across The Psychopath and I read that, afterwards I saw there were two more books and decided to read those as well, so I am going to go ahead and mix them up a bit next.