Blog Challenge #11: Write a thank you note to a thing, a beverage, food, or an inanimate object

Dear coffee,

Thank you for helping me not fall asleep during the day and for keeping my headaches away. Thank you for keeping me warm in winters, for helping me deal with whatever the day might have in store for me, and for your delightful taste.


P.S.: See you tomorrow morning. (˘▿˘)_


So yeah, my thank you note goes to coffee, the bitter liquor I am addicted to. I might follow up on this, will see. Not gonna make any promises.

I am glad I managed to complete this challenge somehow, it was pretty fun. And since I haven't said anything since quite a long time ago, I hope you guys had fun on the holidays, that the new year is treating you well, and I wish you all (and myself) a nice, warm, cold-free spring. 🏵️

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