When bullshit happens

Am tot vrut sa scriu pe blog și acum nu prea am chef the scris, and still, maybe I do have to write this.

I'm good, I got a job, it's a bit harder with college, but I hope I will be able to manage it. And I start to really hate people that make remarks about what I should do. Well, someone in particular. For those kind of people, fuck you! Go straight to wherever you want, far away from me. No one did what I did, the way I did it, no one made the decisions I made, no one had to live my life, no one asked them, so for those people, go fuck yourselves. It's not your life, you have no fucking right to tell anyone what they should do with theirs, especially when you didn't fucking bother to ask them if they are fine, if they can handle it, what are the options, especially when you didn't fucking care what they are doing although you are calling yourself their friend. That's bullshit, and I'm tired of bullshit. 

Fuck you!