Kings of Suburbia

In highschool I was a big Tokio Hotel fan. Their songs just fit my personality back then and I think they had a pretty big impact on me. I still love a lot of their old songs and I have to admit that I sometimes feel melancholic when thinking about them, also considering they didn't release anything new in about five years. Well, actually, I don't feel melancholic anymore now that they did release a new album, but I'll write about that in a bit.

My sister was overseas for a while and I actually begged her to buy me a Tokio Hotel album. I don't know if it was available in Romania at that time, but the point is that she did buy me Zimmer 483. I listened to that album like crazy and I still have it back at home. On the back of the cover there is also a little message from the band (but honestly, I actually don't know if it's on the back of this album or another since this was a pretty long while ago) and when I read it I remember saying that I was never happier that I can read and understand English. 

But before Zimmer 483, Tokio Hotel released their debut album, Schrei, in September 2005. The album contains some of my still (?) favourite songs. Then followed Zimmer 483 in February 2007 that I listened on repeat days on end after I got it. Soon after, in June 2007, they released Scream, the second album I own from them and that contains songs from both Schrei and Zimmer 483 in their English versions. At this point I was still crazy about Tokio Hotel and I loved every song they released.

Back in October 2009 they released their forth studio album, Humanoid. I couldn't say that the songs were terrible, but they just didn't appeal me. The new songs seemed similar to one another and dull to me so I just stopped listening to the band, but deep down I hoped they would release some new songs, better ones. Incidentally at that time they took a break. I didn't get why since Humanoid got pretty positive reactions and I was a bit confused. Recently I found out that the members of the band, Bill, Tom, Georg and Gustav, moved to Los Angeles since Germany became quite overwhelming.

After the long break, Tokio Hotel released a new album last year. Being used to their alternative pop/rock, glam rock style, the new songs sent me into more confusion. The band experienced with a lot of different genres while they were on break, so the new album, Kings of Suburbia, is kind of a mix of pop rock, alternative rock and electronic music. The songs are quite catchy and the videos are more than weird. But somewhere between listening to the songs and watching the videos, I kind of got into Tokio Hotel once again. I guess it is sort of natural for this to happen, they have been my guilty pleasure even in all that time I haven't heard anything new from them. 

The album was released in October 2014, but just a few days ago I found out about it when I asked myself out of a blue if they released anything new. I listened to Feel it all, a nice song with an interesting video that I don't even know how to describe so I'll just post the video bellow. After listening to the song I decided to listen some more and I have to admit that the video played a big part to my decision.

The entire album is available here if you want to listen to more songs. Maybe tell me what you guys think about it? I definitely like the new sound of the band and until their next release I'm just going to listen to these great songs. Oh, also, check out Girl Got a Gun. That is something else for sure. Also censored.