Blog Challenge #09: What's the worse movie you ever watched?

I have to say the worse film I ever watched was Tusk. Some people might find this film to be amazing, but not for me. Tusk is supposed to be a horror/dark comedy, but I couldn't see the comedy in it and it was just bad. It's been a while since I watched it so I might not remember every detail. Still, I am going to spare myself the horror of watching it again. 

Although I must admit the film is indeed original, it feels like the screenplay lacks a bit, and the characters, apart from the main character, but just a bit, are left underdeveloped.

     Spoilers ahead.

In the 2014 film Tusk we have this podcaster, Wallace, travel to Canada to interview someone. He meets Howard Howe, an old seafarer that has quite some stories to tell. And some surgical, and metal changes to make in order to turn Wallace into a walrus. Howe takes Wallace to his home and keeps him hostage while starting to change him.

At some point Wallace manages to send a message to his girlfriend and his best friend (that are having an affair, by the way) saying that he's been kidnapped and needs help, or something along the lines, and what do they think it's the most logical thing to do? No, not calling the police or anything, but flying to Canada themselves to look for Wallace. (I'm guessing they didn't really care about him in the first place.)

Once there, after they talk to the locals trying to find Wallace, they find Wallace's car, and again, what do they do? Call the police? Now don't get your hopes up. Because they don't. They do find some cop that is pursuing the case, and even though I did enjoy watching Johnny Depp in this small role and shift from Wallace's transformation into a walrus, he wasn't of much help.

By the time Wallace is finally found, he's already turned into a walrus, he's in a suit made of... other people that went trough the same transformation but didn't survive it. He is saved, but is so merged into his new form (?) that he wants to remain like that. Which makes no sense, doesn't the police need to get all those body parts and skin off of him? Instead of doing something about it, Wallace is kept into a zoo and fed raw fish.

What happened to Howe, you might ask. Wallace killed him, but in a way Howe was the winner in all this since Wallace actually decided to remain a walrus.

I keep trying to find some purpose, hidden meaning to this film, but I can't find any. Tusk is not a horror film, as someone said in a review, it's too silly to be horror. It's not a comedy either, there's nothing to laugh about except maybe at how bad it is. And none of it really makes sense. Apart for the girlfriend and best friend not trying to get any legal help, Wallace ending up in a zoo (a freaking zoo!), and not out of the suit, there's also the skin used for the suit. Trying to make a walrus took Howe a lot of tries. He made the suit using the skin of people he previously killed, obviously not all at once, so how come the skin wasn't severely damaged?

This was a horrific post to write (yay for going beyond limits). I don't recommend in any way this film, it's cringe worthy and just so, so, sooooo bad. But since I wrote about this, please do tell me what you thought about it if you watched it or what is your worse film ever watched.

Also, this post is awfully written, but that's really the best I can on this subject. (->﹏<-)

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