s p r i n g

さくら* by ayadiary

I kinda forgot about spring. Just like that. I kinda forgot that 1st March is a bit of a big deal. If I wouldn't have forgotten, maybe I would have called some people, send some messages to wish a happy spring, stuff of no apparent importance.

Then I remembered that spring has arrived. Actually it was reminded to me. I thought it was okay, still have time to tell people stuff, but then I forgot again. It was reminded to me for the second time by the spring itself, and that felt amazingly good. Spring is such a happy season, and it gently reminded me that. It wasn't mad. I like spring more than I thought I do.

And after I enjoyed spring's gentleness, I was sad. And happy. Then I got careless, and was angry, but calmed for a moment when I saw spring again. I got back on being angry just after that moment. 

I can only suppose right now that spring isn't mad. I hope so. Such a beautiful season couldn't be mad, right? It could however, be sad. Sometimes. Maybe.

Happy Spring, everyone!


  1. Happy spring!
    You can be mad and you can have all the feelings you want! :))) it's alright! season is changing so maybe your mood is too. but there's nothing wrong with that, just enjoy spring!
    Lots of kisses and hugs!

  2. True, maybe that is the reason. I guess we are all mad at some point without a particular reason. :)) Will do so. ^^

    Happy spring! Hagu and kisses!! >:D< :*:*:*