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Along the time I think I wrote quite a lot of stuff about myself on the blog, but I don't remember writing a blog post entirely about myself. I have the memory span of a beetroot, so don't blame me if I can't remember if I did or did not do it.

On my first year of college, someone had the idea of calling ourselves using nicknames rather that our real names. After looking up the meaning of the name, thinking it represents me, and also because I weirdly like names that start with an A, I picked Akira. I can't figure out why, but I always thought an A-name would fit me better, like Angela (my kindergarden name-crush), or Alex. Later, Akira turned into Aki and since then I am Aki. Pleased to meet you all! Haha!

I was born in a small village that, quite frankly, I don't want to talk about. I didn't like anything about it, starting with the people. Everyone was too focused on showing others how good their lives were, and how wealthy they were, something I could never understand. Now I live in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. I absolutely love the city, I loved it even before I first came here. If you ever visit Cluj, I highly recommend visiting Grădina Botanică, it's wonderful! 

I started the Faculty of Letters in Cluj, but I failed my first year. I decided to try again, and after another two years spent at the faculty, I realised that that wasn't what I wanted to do. Also due to financial situation I decided that it was best to get a full time job and think about college at a later time. Now I'm working in retail, and although it's not the kind of job I would like to have for a long time I am happy that I can pay the rent and bills.

I always liked writing, and even when I'm not writing I keep thinking about it. I have a load of ideas, and sometimes I'm happy writing just whatever. Unfortunately I am out of practice of actually writing, so I will save you from reading anything I would come up with right now. Well, except for this blog post. 

I also like music, autumn and rain. I am the kind of person that listens to whatever music, can't wait for the leaves to change colour in autumns, and sometimes "forgets" the umbrella in the bag when going home from work on a rainy day.  ()

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