Blog Challenge #02: Why/How you started blogging?

// nigmatillium //
I started this blog seven years ago, in 2010, and oh my goddess, that's a lot! I remember I was spending a lot of time on anime forums, and there was a topic about personal blogs, and maybe someone told me about blogs before, I'm not entirely sure, but it seemed fun and I decided to start one too. Thinking about it, at the time I might have just wanted some space where I could write about things that I like, that interest me, and to share them with people that might come across my blog.

When I made the blog I was enthusiastic about it, I wanted to write and write, but as I grew up I started not paying as much attention to it, which is a shame, shame on me, and still, at the same time I always had the blog at the back of my head as an escape place.

I didn't have a topic to write about, so I posted this poem by Mircea Cărtărescu, author we were studying at the time in school. I don't have a subject for my blog now either, I just go wild, I guess, and write whatever.

I still think blogging is fun, and I still am enthusiastic about it, I love writing on here, although most of the posts remain forgotten as drafts until enough time passes and I delete them. I even remember some of the posts I didn't publish. 

Back on topic. Another reason why I started blogging is because I wanted to read, follow, and comment on other blogs. I like it when people share stories, funny or not. There are so many blogs I could learn from, some that would brighten my day, and some that would inspire me. I like everything about blogging, thinking about what process the author went through, and relating with them in a way or another. It pulls me out of the everyday life, even though I might be reading about everyday life (and somehow almost never writing a reply to the article I am reading. Bad me.)

Bottom line, blogging is fun.  ゚・ヾ╲(◕‿◕)╱・゚


  1. I'm glad you did! Reading your blog is extremely relaxing and sometimes I find new songs, books or info that I didn't know. <3