Blog Challenge #06: Write about a movie you enjoyed rewatching

There are quite some films I rewatched, some because I couldn't remember much of what happened, and some because they are simply awesome. One of these films is Life of Pi which is beautifully made. I rewatched this one quite recently, I just had to see again the amazing sceneries (CGI or not). Along with the stunning views, Life of Pi is an adventure, we get to see a young boy cast away at sea in the company of a Bengal tiger, we get to see them trying to survive together in the middle of the ocean, and trying to get back to civilization.

The first time I watched Life of Pi I was amazed by everything that was going on. I enjoyed it tremendously. This is the kind of film that after a while you (or me) just have to watch it again, and be amazed again.

Another film that I really enjoyed rewatching is Kung Fu Hustle. The first time I watched it it was kinda by mistake. It was on TV and I guess I didn't have anything better to do so I said why not. I liked it a lot. Ever since I was little I was amazed by Chinese kung-fu films, I couldn't wrap my head around how they fly, or more like leap, like that so effortlessly. 

On the plus side, Kung Fu Hustle is a comedy, and man, it is one of the best comedies I ever watched. I'm kinda picky when it comes to this genre, so when I find a film that actually makes me laugh it goes right up my list of good films. 

I could probably add some more films to this post, but for now I'll leave it at these two. I highly recommend them. (˵^‿^˵)

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