Blog Challenge #07: How have you changed in the past five years?

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I was a really shy and sensitive kid growing up. I could cry because of literally anything. I bumped into a table? Yups, I would cry. You raised your tone just a notch higher that normal when talking to me? Yups, crying again. I accidentally broke a tree branch? Better hide and cry some more. 

I am really glad to say that my younger crying self is way behind me. Now I am more of a "don't give a fuck" kind of person, definitely not shy anymore, but I would, at any time, avoid talking to people unless I reaaally have to. I don't know how I come across to other people, but I am the kind that values the time spent alone, and at the same time I become paranoid and a bit lonely when there's no one around. 

Going to college roughly five years ago had the biggest impact on me. I met a lot of new people and it felt refreshing talking openly about not having money, share opinions, and talk about just whatever crossed my mind. Growing up in a small village with almost no one my age to share my opinions with and asking questions, I was rather afraid of speaking up, but the whole college experience contributed to my change. I learned so much about myself and about the world that now I can say I am a different person. 

Of course my younger self is not all behind. Even now I'd rather not speak up unless things are really unfair and affects me in a bad way. I stay away of arguments and fights as much as possible, and I generally don't let mean comments affect me. Although I never was one that cared about what people say about me. You don't like how I dress? That's your problem, buddy, I suggest you look away.

I keep noticing things I do differently than before, I notice how I react differently to what happens around me. If you'd put the me now, and my teenage self side by side, I don't think anyone would believe we are the same person.

There are also some changes that happened simply because I grew up, I became an adult (although I'm terrible at adulting). Things that seemed vital to me years ago aren't important now. If my teenage self would read every interview and every piece of information about their favourite bands, now I don't really care about anything more than the music itself.

All in all, I enjoy realizing how I changed, and I truly believe that I am a better self. I strive to change even more, and I'm certain I will, it's inevitable. (•ᴗ•)

P.S.: I recently activated anonymous comments on my blog, and now I have hundreds of spam to go through. It wouldn't have come to this if blogger would have been kind enough to notify me about the comments other than by e-mail (I use a different mail that the one on my contact form and I don't check that one as often). What I want to say is thank you to the people that replied to my previous posts. I answered to some of them and I'll check today to see if there are any more non-spam replies.
But really, blogger, is it that hard to notify authors about comments on dashboard? Spam or not.

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